Permanent Makeup Charlotte NC

KEOPS PERMANENT MAKEUP CHARLOTTE NC is a professional service targeting all women that are tired of having to apply makeup every single day.

Imagine not needing to deal with your regular session of makeup everyday and instead looking beautiful at every moment. That's what we do at Keops Permanent Makeup in Charlotte NC

Well, in Keops Permanent Make up charlotte we are experts in making of your beauty a permanent beauty! We do permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliners (upper & lower) we also do a redesign of your Lip liner as well as your full Lip Color. We had been doing permanent makeup in Charlotte for years and when you come with us we treat you with care, respect and professionalism.

What is Permanent Makeup charlotte?

Permanent makeup is nothing more than a professional way to insert color into your skin to design your eyebrows, your eye liner or you lip color so the design remains permanently. It does fades but after 2-3 years if not longer. It is basically a cosmetic tattooing.

A “cosmetic tattoo” accurately describes the popular service of tattooing the appearance of traditional cosmetic eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color among other associated services such as scar camouflage and areola re-pigmentation.


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How We Do permanent make up in Charlotte?

First of all, we interview you, to make sure we know what your expectations are, we also talk with you so we can find out what idea of design you want in your face. We then measure the area, design it and proceed to clean the area, apply the numbing cream so you don’t feel much pain, and while we wait we start choosing the pigments and designs, after your skin is numbed and we had chosen the right design as well as the proper color, we proceed to make up the desired areas. After we finished, we give you all the necessary products to use as your after-care.


We believe that when someone comes to our shop comes with so many questions & concerns; it is our job to answer those questions. We always try to understand your needs and to cover those too, before we work with you, during the process and even after the process so you feel really happy and content about our services. We strive to improve our service at every opportunity that we have to offer you our customer the best service in our area.

For more info in what permanent makeup charlotte is, click the link above to get informed more about what micro pigmentation is.


Great job!

"I love how Keops Permanent Make up did my eyebrows. Their professionalism and experience is notable from the first time I contacted them.

I was introduce by a friend of mine whom eyebrows looked amazing and were done by Keops.

I highly suggest their services and I will continue using their services in a near future".

Ruth S.  08/26/2015